Friday, January 29, 2010

The People Factor we all know that the buzz around social media is in full swing causing heads left and right to stop and take a second glance at this thing we call engagement. Conversations are taking place and we all want to join in. Well...of course, because it's fun to interact and share information, build relationships, and enhance our connections.
Social media is all about engagement and creating conversations that actually mean something and offer value to the participants. We have B2C and B2B activities that are all trying to garner the attention of the masses. However, let's slow down for a minute and remind ourselves that this thing we call social media is about people.
People make this thing work. The social factor is the key that will dictate whether or not this new form of media can sustain its popularity and dynamic momentum. Let us not forget that it's still about the people and focusing on them.
As we transition into a more measurable and returns based system that actually offers a return on investment, we will find that the key still remains on focusing on relationship building and the practice of offering relational value.

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