Monday, February 8, 2010

A Mess of Social Media?

A recent post titled, "Social Today Feels Like Search a Decade Ago: Lots of Noise and Lots of Spam", over at TechCrunch helps to reiterate the fact that the internet is a crowded space. There is indeed lots of noise on the internet but right now the truth of the matter is that Latinos are making a loud statement.
The recent emergence and solid growth of Latism (Latinos in Social Media) provides us with exciting proof that we the Latino online audience are just getting started. We understand the importance of genuine engagement and relationship building. We are rich in culture and plentiful in aspiration. For us the internet is the ultimate platform to unleash our creativity and inner desire to let everyone know "Si se puede!"
We don't spam or fill your inbox with junk but instead you'll find honest emotion, true sincerity, and a genuine interest to help grow this sphere of influence we call Latinos in Social Media.