Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Latinos and Social Media in 2010

L.A.T.I.S.M. (Latinos in Social Media) took the scene by storm in 2009...
What's in store for 2010 in terms of social media and the ever increasing digitally savvy Latinos?
Content | As the numbers increase and more people participate in the online conversations taking place there will be an increase in the amount and variety of content available. We are already seeing fresh voices and creative gente joining the social wave of the internet and the future is exciting as we consider the increases in participation overall.
Citizenship | Trust and reciprocity are still an important factor in building and maitaining a dynamic network of positive and influential connections. Being a good online citizen is built upon the foundation of authenticity. Being genuine will still continue to be an important element of growing the sphere of communication and engagement online.
Tribes | The populations are out there. Individuals with unique talents and abilities will emerge increasing the sheer mass of online participation by Latinos. Once you find a niche that resonates with your interests an effort will be made to converge and conversate within that setting leading to 'tribes'. The numbers will increase and the truth is that there is plenty of online space for everyone.
Overall, the social landscape is looking very promising as we embark on a new year of collaboration, engagement, and positive momentum.
Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Winning Formula

The Importance of People
Building relationships and trust is all about people. Focus on the product, technology, process, or gimmick,...and you've already lost half your battle.
Today's consumer is smart, web savvy, and connected. They understand the tools and technology and have the overwhelming challenge of trying to filter out all the junk. If you understand this and embrace it you will begin to realize that positive momentum, growth, and improvement rely heavily upon the value of people.
The marketing mix is comprised of four P's (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion). However, it's safe to say that we can add "People" to the equation.
Here is a winning formula for building trust...
Credibility x Reliability x Intimacy / Self Orientation = Trust
Clearly, when we stop talking about our self and focus on building relationships the rest is history.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Multicultural Agency of the Decade | GlobalHue

According to a recent news release, GlobalHue, the nation's largest minority-owned, full-service marketing communications agency, has been honored by AdWeek as "Multicultural Agency of the Decade."
Success in a year's time frame is commendable but sustained performance over a decade is outstanding.
"GlobalHue has consistently offered creative solutions that embrace a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities," says Olivier Francois, president, CEO and head of marketing at Chrysler. "Their work is a testament to a greater understanding of the changing needs of the audiences we're trying to reach." This sentiment reflects the agency's successful investment in demographic research following the 2000 U.S. Census, which helped fuel the shop's growth into the largest, smartest multicultural agency in the U.S. with revenue of $83 million in 2008.  (
The results are in. Creative solutions built around solid demographic research and an effort to both recognize and embrace multicultural markets is paramount to effectively reaching today's diverse consumer segments.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Latinos and Education

Key findings of a recent report by the Pew Hispanic Center on Latinos and Education:

Nearly nine-in-ten (89%) Latino young adults ages 16 to 25 say that a college education is important for success in life, yet only about half that number-48%-say that they themselves plan to get a college degree.

Data based on a national survey of 2,012 Latinos ages 16 and older by the Pew Hispanic Center conducted from Aug. 5 to Sept. 16, 2009.

Education is a bridge to advancement and professional growth opening up many doors of opportunities.

What can we do to improve these numbers?

Through active engagement with these youth to motivate them to pursue Higher Education.