Monday, February 28, 2011

New Latino DMAs

There is an need for marketers to rethink and move beyond traditional stereotypes in reaching today's Hispanic audience. An exploration into current demographic data released by the U.S. Census Bureau is providing some profound insight into the activity and geographic characteristics of Latinos in America.

Rethinking DMAs
Non-traditional Hispanic DMAs are experiencing dramatic growth driven by foreign-born Latinos. Markets such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia grew by 78.7 percent, 105.9 percent, and 91.7 percent respectively. Comparatively, the total population in these states only grew by 1.4 percent, 4.3 percent, and 13 percent. In Oregon, the Latino population grew by 64 percent, compared to the total population growth of 12 percent. Hispanics were also major contributors to population growth in other non-traditional Hispanic markets such as Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma, Indiana, Arkansas, and Vermont.

For additional information and insights into important demographic shifts occuring in the Hispanic market, read the "The Super Bowl of Demographics" by Gustavo Razzetti.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Staying True to Your Roots: Key to Advocacy

As marketers and brand specialists strive for maximum affinity, few organizations recognize the value of origins. All companies regardless of industry start out with a unique story and then make every effort to share that story with the world.

A story is made up of unique characters who all work together to bring about a memorable collection of individual tales, singular characteristics, and dynamic experiences. Some stories transcend the boundaries of time.

Reaching a point of maximum brand affinity and audience engagement in the Latinosphere is accomplished through careful research, strategic planning, and authentic insights. However, there is another plateau that only a few are able to reach. A level which exists where customers become raving fans and active advocates.

Advocates are more valuable than repeat customers.

Why? Because they are active constantly sharing your story helping your brand achieve tremendous return on investment.

How do you reach this point of advocacy? It's not easy but is made simpler when we remember our humble beginnings and stay true to our roots.

Take Pitbull for example.

He recently took home a 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro award for Artista Del Año in the Urbano category. While on stage, he made a special effort to thank those from the Miami 305 area code. Why? Because he knows where he came from and stays true to his origins. Some individuals attain a certain level of success and forget where they came from often falling short in the categories of retention and loyalty.

Sometimes...a little recognition is all it takes!

And's more expensive to capture new customers than it is to retain your existing ones.