Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crowdismo: Fueling Innovation and Creativity in the Latino Community through Crowdfunding

If the U.S. Hispanic market were a nation, it would boast one of the largest economies in the world with spending power of $1.2 trillion. The realities of today's Hispanic market are that of opportunity, motivation, aspiration, altruism, and hustle. The power and influence of the U.S. Latino collective is undeniable. Many awesome individuals and organizations from the West Coast to the East Coast are launching new ideas, connecting communities, and genuinely shaking the status quo. How can we build upon this momentum and continue to fuel innovative ideas and new opportunities throughout the U.S. Latino market? Enter Crowdismo. (Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of Crowdismo and believer in bold possibility.)

Crowdismo: The U.S. Latino Crowdfunding Website

Crowdismo is a disruptive platform aimed at powering creativity and innovation within the Latino community through crowdfunding. A digital destination and site for individuals to join a groundswell of people driven by inspired genius and help power the prolific. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to entry for gente with bold ideas. By tapping into the power of the crowd, Crowdismo connects you to awesome possibilities in the form of funding.

How it works:
  1. Pitch your project to an online community of early adopters and believers.
  2. Incentivize backers to pledge to your project with unique rewards.
  3. Hit project’s funding goal and get one step closer to activating the incredible.

The Hispanic crowdfunding platform.

Age Factor
Overall, those between the ages of 25 and 34 are most likely to make investment decisions via crowdfunding platforms. The median age of Latinos is 27.6 making them the youngest demographic in the U.S. and perfectly aligned to adopt crowdfunding as a means of powering projects across a wide array of arenas including: Education, Technology, Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship to name a few.

Explosive Growth
"...the unassailable fact is that Latino-owned businesses in the United States are growing at a blistering pace." Latinos are three-times more likely to start businesses than the general population. Nielsen's State of the Hispanic Consumer report offers additional insights into the reach and growth of Latinos in America.

Looking at Experian Simmons data, we know 47% of U.S. Hispanics donated to a charity or philanthropic organization in the last 12 months (Experian Simmons, Fall 2011 NHCS Adult Survey).

According to a recent post in Forbes online, "Sixty-nine percent of Hispanic respondents ranked “help people who are in need” as No. 5 on their list of aspirations compared to only 27% of non-Hispanics, who ranked this at No. 14. They want to make a difference, and if you can facilitate that, you can endear your brand to these consumers."

It's imperative that we foster a community of synergy and build both intellectual and financial capital driven by access to powerful economic resources that will enable continued momentum throughout the Latinosphere in the U.S. Crowdfunding levels the playing field in an arena where only 1% of VC money goes to African Americans and Latinos.

We're on the cusp of a unique opportunity to take investment and new venture priority to another level and Crowdismo is targeted at leading the charge in innovation funding, idea powering, and community impact.

Crowdismo coming soon 2013! Sign up for early access. Or join Crowdismo on Facebook.