Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Practices: US Hispanic Search Marketing

A recent video released by Google offers insights into using search marketing to target Hispanics online. The recorded training provides useful tips for increasing user intent with relevant content.
US Hispanics are very active information seekers. Bilingual and bicultural tendencies make them a very appealing audience to target through search platforms. Learn about account basics, lifestyle targeting, basic translation traps, cultural nuances best practices and getting started. This training is recommended to help day-to-day account teams, campaign managers, and strategic thinkers enter, expand and optimize their online Hispanic search presence.
Here's the video: 

Key takeaways:
  • One of out every 3 new suburbanites is Hispanic.
  • 93% of US Hispanics report using Google as their primary search engine.
  • Spanish queries remain important and demonstrate year over year double sometimes triple growth.
  • Hispanic campaigns demonstrate improved campaign efficiency.
  • Hispanic search marketing is still relatively new and less crowded.
  • Test two campaigns as a way to capture user intent.
  • Include accented and unaccented keywords.
  • Language pathways impact performance.
  • Best-in-class clients tend to allocate roughly 10% of their overall marketing budget to Hispanic investments.
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