Friday, November 27, 2009

What Can Creativity Do?

Here is a really cool video that I recently came across that sparks our imagination and serves as a great conversation starter surrounding the concept of creativity.

What do you think creativity can do? Feel free to reply and share your thoughts.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Positive Impact

These days it seems as though many individuals have an interest in the happenings surrounding Latinos in the United States and for good reason. We know the data and the numbers speak for themselves. However, an important question is:
How are we impacting these populations in a positive manner?
This is indeed an important question as we strive to focus our efforts in a manner that positively affects the diversity and dynamic multicultural environment found in today's society.
Are we helping individuals overcome the digital divide?
Do we promote Higher Education?
Are you part of a Leadership Association?
A positive impact can have a profound effect on us all.
Just some thoughts...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Latinos and Social Media

We Latinos are trendsetters, motivated, inspired, and now web savvy. Many of us have a story to tell and mission to accomplish when it comes to living Latino in America. Some say that it's hard to keep up with technology but I say that it's hard for technology to keep up with us! The explosion of social media and online engagement has only begun.
From Myspace to Mocospace, we have become accustomed to uploading pics, connecting with friends, sharing our musical tastes, and letting the world know just how we feel. But beyond these social sites, we have journeyed into the realm of influence, impact, and change. Social media has opened up the windows of opportunity for collaboration, engagement, relationship building.
Latinos and social media is a powerful combination. Individuals with a cause are now armed with the potential to impact a larger audience and overcome traditional boundaries of time and space. Want to know about trends and the issues that affect Latinos? Just do a simple search for #cultura, #latism, #impacto, #Latino, #Hispanic, or similar queries and you will find an immense conversation taking place.
As with any tool, the use of social media has the potential for both positive and negative usage. Some individuals will use social media as a means for devastation and others will grasp its positive potential and create relationships, build bridges, and impact our communities.
How are you using social media?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Power of Mass

Leverage is the ability to put your good talents to work. The ability to harness your experience, education, and skill inventory allows an individual the opportunity to accomplish some great feats. Individuals are unique and bring to the table their own social, cultural, physical, and emotional attributes.

George Lopez, for instance, has risen to popularity through his ability to make people laugh and connect with more than just Latinos. He adds a new face to late night comedy but brings with him the elements of humor and cultural savvy.

However, even George can’t do it alone. He needs the strengths, talents, and insights of many people to help him rise to the top of late night television. Using a service such as twitter to get the word out and build up buzz should definitely pay dividends.

Synergy | Mass

Connecting with other talented individuals or building a strong network can help lead to synergy. The voice of many and influence of a thousand can have a noteworthy impact on accomplishing a task, reaching new heights, or promoting a cause.

Mass is about networking, collaborating, and engaging with others in a genuine and mutually rewarding way that increases one’s impact.

Consider the following scenarios:
Fred before he exploded onto the YouTube scene.
Chris Brogan prior to being one of the biggest bloggers on the Internet today.
• George Lopez before his t.v. sitcom and latest endeavor, Lopez Tonight.

How did these people build mass?

By being authentic and offering their audience something of value (humor, entertainment, tips, information, etc.)

Today’s most influential Latinos are those who leverage their talents, build mass, and offer value.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Authenticity | Undisputed credibility

The Internet is a unique playing field where many players step up to the plate in an effort to hit a home run. The possibilities for reward and positive advancement are numerous and many there be who have hit a grand slam in terms of influence and social capital.

The technological and social environment of the Internet is unique offering individuals significant challenges in achieving solid levels of success. If you're using twitter, you already understand just how many voices are out there all vying for our time, interest, and even our wallets.

In order to stand out from the crowd, several elements exist that transcend the meaning of true online success. Authenticity is a key component that can help individuals and organizations achieve some very positive results.

Just what is the true meaning of 'authenticity'?

A simple web search led me to an outstanding definition of this term that fits our discussion well.

According to Google, the top result when conducting a simple search for the definition of 'authenticity':

"undisputed credibility"

Truly a great definition that has significant application to the importance of building trust and fostering rewarding relationships. A big part of Latino culture is the importance of building relationships that are built on trust, respect, and a genuine interest in others. Authenticity certainly comes into play.