Friday, November 13, 2009

Latinos and Social Media

We Latinos are trendsetters, motivated, inspired, and now web savvy. Many of us have a story to tell and mission to accomplish when it comes to living Latino in America. Some say that it's hard to keep up with technology but I say that it's hard for technology to keep up with us! The explosion of social media and online engagement has only begun.
From Myspace to Mocospace, we have become accustomed to uploading pics, connecting with friends, sharing our musical tastes, and letting the world know just how we feel. But beyond these social sites, we have journeyed into the realm of influence, impact, and change. Social media has opened up the windows of opportunity for collaboration, engagement, relationship building.
Latinos and social media is a powerful combination. Individuals with a cause are now armed with the potential to impact a larger audience and overcome traditional boundaries of time and space. Want to know about trends and the issues that affect Latinos? Just do a simple search for #cultura, #latism, #impacto, #Latino, #Hispanic, or similar queries and you will find an immense conversation taking place.
As with any tool, the use of social media has the potential for both positive and negative usage. Some individuals will use social media as a means for devastation and others will grasp its positive potential and create relationships, build bridges, and impact our communities.
How are you using social media?