Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Power of Mass

Leverage is the ability to put your good talents to work. The ability to harness your experience, education, and skill inventory allows an individual the opportunity to accomplish some great feats. Individuals are unique and bring to the table their own social, cultural, physical, and emotional attributes.

George Lopez, for instance, has risen to popularity through his ability to make people laugh and connect with more than just Latinos. He adds a new face to late night comedy but brings with him the elements of humor and cultural savvy.

However, even George can’t do it alone. He needs the strengths, talents, and insights of many people to help him rise to the top of late night television. Using a service such as twitter to get the word out and build up buzz should definitely pay dividends.

Synergy | Mass

Connecting with other talented individuals or building a strong network can help lead to synergy. The voice of many and influence of a thousand can have a noteworthy impact on accomplishing a task, reaching new heights, or promoting a cause.

Mass is about networking, collaborating, and engaging with others in a genuine and mutually rewarding way that increases one’s impact.

Consider the following scenarios:
Fred before he exploded onto the YouTube scene.
Chris Brogan prior to being one of the biggest bloggers on the Internet today.
• George Lopez before his t.v. sitcom and latest endeavor, Lopez Tonight.

How did these people build mass?

By being authentic and offering their audience something of value (humor, entertainment, tips, information, etc.)

Today’s most influential Latinos are those who leverage their talents, build mass, and offer value.