Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hispanics Are Technologically Savvy

Technological Sophistication
Source (A study by AOL Advertising & Cheskin: Why and how are Hispanics using the internet in their daily lives?)

Contrary to common stereotypes, the most acculturated Hispanics are not necessarily the most technologically savvy. The data shows that Hispanics are indeed early adopters.

If you are looking to connect with today's Latino audience, look no further than the ongoing conversations that are taking place all over the internet. Acculturation is an important factor to consider but not necessarily a determinant of technical ability.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reaching Hispanics Online

Engaging today's online Hispanic population is the result of research and an understanding of the various cultural dynamics in motion. Good content can be a great tool for capturing the interest of Latinos online.
Lee Vann has an excellent post on the subject of good content over at MediaPost.

Here are his 10 tips for using content to effectively reach online Hispanics:

1. Don't be afraid of the social Internet; embrace it

2. Develop clear goals and objectives upfront

3. Establish a voice and develop guidelines to ensure it is always consistent

4. Ensure that all content provides value to your target audience

5. Don't be afraid to test out different things

6. Make sure content is engaging, stimulating a conversation

7. Create an agile process, including legal approvals

8. Make sure your content is social media-optimized to maximize sharing

9. Avoid using regional Spanish when engaging to national Hispanic audiences

10. Be consistent when using the formal "usted" and informal "tu" forms in Spanish


Monday, February 8, 2010

A Mess of Social Media?

A recent post titled, "Social Today Feels Like Search a Decade Ago: Lots of Noise and Lots of Spam", over at TechCrunch helps to reiterate the fact that the internet is a crowded space. There is indeed lots of noise on the internet but right now the truth of the matter is that Latinos are making a loud statement.
The recent emergence and solid growth of Latism (Latinos in Social Media) provides us with exciting proof that we the Latino online audience are just getting started. We understand the importance of genuine engagement and relationship building. We are rich in culture and plentiful in aspiration. For us the internet is the ultimate platform to unleash our creativity and inner desire to let everyone know "Si se puede!"
We don't spam or fill your inbox with junk but instead you'll find honest emotion, true sincerity, and a genuine interest to help grow this sphere of influence we call Latinos in Social Media.