Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Lead Engagement in the Latinosphere

The Hispanic market is ever-changing and it can sometimes seem hard to keep up but recent activity shows that social media offers a great alternative for reaching this unique audience. The question is not whether or not this audience exists but rather is how do we reach Latinos or better yet...

What can we accomplish when Latinos and social media collide? (Here are a few ideas...)

Build a Think Tank
The opportunity for collaboration and cooperation is crystal clear. Individuals from private and public sectors have the ability to join togethe and form unique think tanks leading to the development of an ideation hub. We see numerous opportunities for students and professionals alike from all over the Latinosphere to communicate and drive innovation. (Ex. Create your own facebook group.)

Share Golden Content
There's been a recent explosion of activity across various media outlets about an individual with a 'golden voice'. Someone posted a video of this man and boom! it took off from there. If an individual standing on the corner has this kind of opportunity...what kind of opportunities and stories do you think the Latinosphere has in store? Golden content is simplistic, moving, and original. Today's bloggers and content creators have an opportunity to share their own story. The key is to make sharing your story as easy as possible.

Engagement begins with knowing your target audience and bringing them something of value. A mission-driven approach to driving content creation and audience awareness can lead to lasting results.