Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year Means New Opportunities for the Hispanic Market

Looking forward...Hispanic market in 2011.

The past year has seen some tremendous progress in terms of the growing Hispanic market and its influence. Advertisers and organizations of all types are taking notice. 2010 has truly been the year of explosive influence and true validation.

However, let's look beyond what was and explore the arena of what will and can be in 2011.

Continued Validation
Census results, blog posts, and various forms of media are confirming the obvious. The Hispanic market is a unique population segment with tremendous potential for growth, innovation, exploration, and unique opportunities. As more data becomes available and shared across various outlets, the fact remains that the Hispanic market is legit in terms of spending power, population growth, and impact.

Increased Influence
Hispanics are continuously over indexing in technology use and online participation. Today's conversational tools and communication silos are playing an increased role in the exponential growth of the Hispanic market.

The massive size of the Hispanic market and its continued influence across all industries and sectors make it important to take advantage of every opportunity to build resonance and win the trust of Latinos everywhere, especially online.

Increased participation in social media equals countless opportunities to capture the attention and interest of this growing market across social networks, micro-blogs, chat rooms, and online media. If anything, the growth of twitter confirms that there is room for tools that reinvent the concept and manner through which today's Latinos communicate.

Efforts to capitalize on these trends will indeed provide dividends.

Progress is not a myth and the need for true ambition is prevalent therefore providing substance and traction to any effort that offers Latinos a channel for expression, continued influence, leadership development, educational attainment, and beyond.