Monday, December 14, 2009

Multicultural Agency of the Decade | GlobalHue

According to a recent news release, GlobalHue, the nation's largest minority-owned, full-service marketing communications agency, has been honored by AdWeek as "Multicultural Agency of the Decade."
Success in a year's time frame is commendable but sustained performance over a decade is outstanding.
"GlobalHue has consistently offered creative solutions that embrace a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities," says Olivier Francois, president, CEO and head of marketing at Chrysler. "Their work is a testament to a greater understanding of the changing needs of the audiences we're trying to reach." This sentiment reflects the agency's successful investment in demographic research following the 2000 U.S. Census, which helped fuel the shop's growth into the largest, smartest multicultural agency in the U.S. with revenue of $83 million in 2008.  (
The results are in. Creative solutions built around solid demographic research and an effort to both recognize and embrace multicultural markets is paramount to effectively reaching today's diverse consumer segments.