Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going Beyond the Data | The U.S. Hispanic Market

We've read the report about half of U.S. Advertisers missing the trillion dollar Hispanic market and we're fully aware that Latinos are active online. However, let's focus on the bigger picture for a few moments. Let's consider the immense potential for impact, innovation, and creativity.

Information is beneficial and helps to provide interested parties with insight and intelligence. The jury is in and the Hispanic market is real and not going anywhere according to all the recent reports, blog posts, and tweets.

Here are the facts:

50 million and counting.

One trillion dollars in spending power.

Fastest-growing population segment in the U.S.

The census is helping to validate the importance and size of the Hispanic market. However, it's time for us to go beyond validation and into the arena of application, progress, and momentum.

The time for questions and idea incubation is now.

How are we going to use this data to impact Latinos in America as opposed to just targeting and treating this important segment as a potential sale?

Forward movement and positive progress are built on a solid approach to engagement and influence.