Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Fibers of Multiculturalism

The fibers of diversity

"Marketers, in their efforts to connect with consumers can consider that accepting the differences of Latinos promotes their harmonic integration in a multicultural society." - Dr. Felipe Korzenny

A harmonic integration is built on several important components. Here are a few important keys to creating an environment where the synergistic mix of various cultural variables can thrive:

Recognition - Understanding that various cultures in our society offer a wealth of positive and diverse elements that can help further the health and quality of life in America.

Participation - Make an effort to join the conversations and participate in activities that allow for a multicultural society.

Amplification - Where the synergy takes place and allows for increased assimilation and diversity.

A key point of consideration is that Latinos are ready and willing to explore the cultural fabric of America while staying true to their cultural roots.