Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three Elements of a Successful Online Latino Presence

The internet is a huge playing field where standing out from the crowd plays an important role in attaining any measure of online success. Whether your goal is to monetize, inform or simply connect with others, maintaining a successful online presence is a unique undertaking that takes a multifaceted approach.

If you're like me, perusing the web is like flipping through tons of magazine pages until you find an interesting article that resonates with your interests, hobbies, and areas of expertise.

Here are trés elements that seem to be pretty common in terms of a successful online destination:

Resonance -- Does your site relate with the interests and motivations of your audience? Take twitteros for example, a popular network that aims at connecting Latinos who use twitter.

Fresh -- This is by far one of the most difficult tasks but keeping your site, blog, or social media tool up to date with fresh content is key. Juan Tornoe, over at Hispanic Trending does a good job of this and he's one of twitters' most active users.

Usability -- First impressions are important. Navigation is an element that can make or break your digital journey. Navigation, use of white space, and working links are just a few of the important elements of usability.

Think about some of your favorite websites...

What stands out the most?

How did the site grab your attention?

Feel free to comment and share.