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40 Hispanic Digital and Marketing Resources You Need to Know

Everywhere you look there's probably a very talented individual or organization providing insights and quality perspective into the arena of engaging today's $1.3 trillion Latino market. A recent post on the term "post-cultural" by Giovanni Rodriguez is just one good example of how the discussions around Hispanic marketing have evolved into a collection of very dynamic perspective that transcend the boundaries of language, culture, digital ethnography, communication, social engagement, and public influence.

The following is a list of some of the leading resources and providers of insights, tips, and strategies in the field of Hispanic Marketing: 
  1. AdAge Hispanic Insights into the Hispanic marketing arena as provided by AdvertisingAge.
  2. AHAA The voice of Hispanic marketing.
  3. BodenPR Blog Insights and information on developing and rolling out U.S Hispanic strategies from the team at BodenPR.
  4. Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at FSU authoritative source of knowledge, production, education, and professional training in Hispanic Marketing Communication in the United States.
  5. CEO Blog Perspective and insight provided by Geoscape CEO Cesar Melgoza.
  6. Circulo Creativo Promoting creative excellence and communication among professionals focused on the U.S. Latino market.
  7. Engage:Hispanics Perspectives provided by MediaPost.
  8. Hispanic Business Top news resource for Hispanic entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners.
  9. HispanicAd The tool for the Hispanic advertising and media professional.
  10. Hispanicize Leading social media resource for Hispanic marketers and influencers.
  11. Hispanic Digital Consumers Report  A IAB and BIGinsight report covering Hispanic Consumers’ purchase intent, media influence, consumer confidence, language preference, top online and mobile activities, video usage and a look at device ownership and usage.
  12. Hispanic Digital Media News and insights from LatinVision.
  13. Hispanic Market Advisors Information on tapping into Hispanic internet users.
  14. Hispanic Marketing Blog by Claudia "Havi" Goffan of Target Latino.
  15. Hispanic Marketing and Online Media Facebook Group 
  16. Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations News and information by Elena del Valle.
  17. Hispanic Market Info A blog for Hispanic marketers.
  18. Hispanic Market Weekly Authority on news and events moving the Hispanic market.
  19. Hispanic Online Marketing Captura Group's blog featuring best practices, case studies, and research for Hispanic online marketers. Contributions by Lee Vann.
  20. Hispanic PR Blog Your guide to Hispanic Public Relations and Social Media News & Views.
  21. Hispanic Trending The original Hispanic marketing blog by Juan Tornoe. Documenting Latinos' imprint in America.
  22. Official website of Joe Kutchera, a leading social marketing advisor and speaker and the author of Latino Link: Building brands online with Hispanic communities and content.
  23. LATISM Blog Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media.
  24. Más Wired  For, by, and about Latinos in Tech focused on showing the incredible contributions Latinos are making in the digital space.
  25. Media Rumba Online Hispanic marketing and media ecology blog by Frankie De Soto.
  26. Marketing to Latinos (ClickZ) Provides trends, insights, and practical tips on how to reach, engage, and profit by marketing to Latinos.
  27. Marketing Trends in a New Multicultural Society Cultural understanding in marketing is a growing branch in the study of consumer behavior. Perspective by Dr. Felipe Korzenny.
  28. Mercury Mambo Hispanic Marketing Blog Information on Hispanic Shopper Marketing, Event and Experiential Marketing, Sales Promotions, and Branding.
  29. Multicultural Marketing News Information on how to market to multicultural (ethnic and niche) consumer markets.
  30. PewResearch Hispanic Center Founded in 2001, the Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos’ growing impact on the nation.
  31. Pinterest Pins related to the Hispanic market.
  32. Portada Leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space.
  33. Reach Hispanic U.S. Hispanic and Latin American resource.
  34. Hispanic online marketing blog by Martin Ramirez.
  35. Think Multicultural Covers the multicultural marketing and advertising world through the transformative lenses of the digital media. Co-contributors Jose Villa and Danny Allen.
  36. Think with Google Consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research provided by Google.
  37. The New American Consumer: Trends in Hispanic Consumer Demographics Report Experian offers this informative report, which identifies key trends among Hispanic-American consumers. 
  38. Twitter Search An active stream of conversation around the #HispanicMarket hashtag.
  39. Univision Insights Research and perspective from Univision delivered to your inbox.
  40. Zubi Nation Erasing stereotypes.
Who did we miss? Suggestions are definitely welcome!

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