Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Big Event for Latino and Multicultural Bloggers | Hispanicize 2011

Today's new media landscape has allowed for the democratization of content and has shifted the balance of power of traditional media into the hands of the very dynamic and influential Latino/a blogger in terms of engaging and capturing the attention of the Hispanic market.

Hispanicize 2011 is an exciting upcoming event devoted to providing in-depth professional development and networking opportunities for brand marketers, bloggers, non profits and marketing agencies focused on Hispanic public relations and social media.

Organizers are anticipating that Hispanicize 2011 will be the largest national conference for Latino and multicultural bloggers ever assembled.

Hispanicize 2011 will also feature powerful opportunities for non-profits to connect in person with all of the nation’s most influential Latino bloggers, a key audience that non-profits have only begun to fully explore.

Here's an expanded post about the upcoming Hispanicize conference and what it means for today's Latinos in the blogosphere and beyond.