Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Articles You May Have Missed | Hispanic Market Insights

Reaching Bicultural Latinos and the Evolution of Media Outlets

by Andy Checo via Strategic Sense
Insight into the world of the bicultural Latino and current efforts to capture the attention of this important demographic.

"Reaching bicultural Latinos is not as complex as some industry insiders may lead you to believe. I believe that relevancy and context are the two most important factors in successfully reaching this expanding demographic. Success lies in offering cultural connections to Hispanics. While the future may look bright for some Hispanic media outlets, if they do not adapt to reflect the new culture of Latinos in the U.S., their victory may be short lived."

How To Grow Your Business In The Hispanic Community
Denver-based duo of Juan Alberto de la Roca and Marcus Jimenez have released a detailed, highly insightful report examining the myths and realities of the Latino demographic and how snowboard brands can effectively reach this market.

Multicultural Is the New Mainstream via HispanicPR Blog
Offers a discussion on how today's one-size-fits all marketing approach to reaching Hispanics falls short.

Prepare to see Green on Black Monday
A discussion on how advertisers are scrambling to reach out to holiday shoppers and today's powerful Latina women "who represent a market expected to reach $1.3 trillion in buying power by 2013..."

Courting Hispanic Customers With Texts and Web Sites en Español
Today's brands must speak the language of their target base and companies such as Ford and Best Buy are making strides in relevant Spanish content.