Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Resonance: A key to connecting with Hispanics

The ability to speak to the interests of an audience is important for authentic engagement and capturing the attention of today's markets. Latinos comprise an important segment in which exists an exciting yet challenging opportunity to pinpoint cultural nuances, changing tastes, and unique preferences sure to help today's brands communicate in an effective manner.

A stroll through the local grocery store provides us with a window into the dynamics of true resonance and branding which exudes with cultural relevance. Recently, Crown Imports launched a limited edition pack of Grupo Modelo's Corona Extra beer brand in the the US in a join venture targeting football fans in the U.S.

The 18-pack of Corona Extra features specially-wrapped bottles commemorating the seven Mexican Soccer League (MSL) teams the Grupo Modelo brewery is aligned with in Mexico.

Teams represented in the packs include: Club de Fútbol América (Mexico City), Club Santos Laguna (Torreón, Coahuila), Club Deportivo Atlas (Guadalajara), Club de Fútbol Puebla (Puebla), Club de Fútbol San Luis (San Luis Potosí), Club de Fútbol Atlante (Cancún) and Deportivo Toluca Fútbol Club (Toluca).

The campaign is a smart move and serves as an excellent example of how today's brands can use relevance and resonance to capture the attention of an audience. The true effectiveness in this campaign lies not in the simple decoration of beer bottles but rather in the fine tuned effort to recognize and capitalize on the interests of today's multicultural markets.

Imagine the possibilities facing other types of organizations interested in reaching the Hispanic market. Resonance is an important element of engagement regardless of industry.