Monday, November 4, 2013

Latino Startup delivers hip music videos and real-time interaction to musicians and fans of Latin indie music. brings back the nostalgia of watching music videos while using the most up-to-date technology and taking on an international mass appeal.

AUSTIN, TX— is an early-stage Latino startup that provides music lovers with a music video jukebox in the cloud. Along with tapping into the deep nostalgia people have of music videos—remembering the heyday of MTV— is the trusted source of the latest hits in Latin indie music. goes beyond the normal music app by building their collection in the cloud, giving users access to their personal music video collection at any-time and anywhere. Imagine spicing up a dull party by having your music video collection handy online or even from your phone!

“I was tired of the endless Youtube and music blog searches” says founder and developer, Ulises Ramirez-Roche. “I wanted to keep track of my favorite artists and watch cool music videos, so I built a music video robot, who lives in the cloud.”

With the limited resources and competition for the limelight, new artists don’t always have a way to reach their audience; gives musicians a better platform from which to reach their fan base and easily promote their music to their target market. With a lack of industry attention towards international and Latin music here in America, lends itself as a simple and direct distribution channel for Latin music fans around the globe.

“With the growing Hispanic population in the United States, there should be a site or channel devoted to young, hip Latino music” adds Ulises Ramirez-Roche. “A lot of talented Latino musicians go unnoticed because they simply don’t have the resources that American or European artists do.” is a free music app available to users via on their web browsers and mobile devices. features: 

  • Presents trendy, curated music video collection and personal playlist built in the cloud.
  • Gives users access to their personal collection from anywhere on their mobile devices or web browsers. 
  • Like videos from a curated video collection and add them to your personal playlist. 
  • View the latest videos from indie pop artists from Latin America. 
  • Vote for videos and track the real-time popularity of a video on the ‘Leader Board’.
  • Quickly find your favorite videos and add them to your playlist with the quick search feature.
  • Currently in development, is working on a live Twitter feed for each band, to be displayed on each music video page. 
  • Also in development, ‘Late Night Channel’ where it displays the top dance music videos and a list of nearby clubs or concerts near the user location. 

Founder, Ulises Ramirez-Roche first thought of because he missed regularly tuning into a music video channel and saw the need for a promotion source for Latin music in the United States.