Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Must Follow Prolific Latinos on Twitter

The following is a breakdown of the most dynamic, inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking Latinos and Latinas in the digital space who not only add value to the conversation but also make the new media arena fun, exciting and informative! (By no means does order convey rank, importance, etc.)

Follow these awesome gente on Twitter and be inspired to make big things happen:

Frankie is a consistent voice of knowledge and know-how. He is a specialist in SEO, Social Media, Wordpress, Cyberculture, and all things digital. 

Social innovation and communications specialist with a genuine interest in helping people achieve and move past the status-quo. He brings a fresh perspective to the meaning of groundswell activity.

One of the most dynamic entrepreneurs on Twitter. He is not only the founder of Dabble and Tangelo but a resource for staying on top of all things related to startups between Silicon Valley and South America. 

Perhaps, one of the most dynamic Latinas in social media. She is the CEO of Speak Hispanic and the Vice-Chair, Marketing at LATISM. Her name says it all. She's the Universe's 1st and only geek goddess. It's hard not to be inspired by her activity and efforts across the Latinosphere.

He literally wrote the book on connecting and engaging with Latinos online. Joe is the author of Latino Link and a social/digital marketing advisor. His tweets offer unique insights into the areas of storytelling, cultural branding, and digital marketing.

A window into the sphere of cultural expression. Follow Juan and have a blast with fresh perspective that is sure to engage the senses. Think awesome blog posts about Manzanas Enchiladas and the art of doing 'Nada' among other topics most easily classified under the Hispanic Lifestyle umbrella, but by no means exclusive for only a Latino audience.

Along the path of unstoppable productivity comes a necessary voice of reason and reminder to stop, sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Jes knows the meaning of paying it forward and offers her followers gems of wisdom, motivation, and information. She is the Director of LATISM Los Angeles.

We all need a bit of creative inspiration. He is the VP-Multicultural Marketing at EB Lane, an artist, speaker, writer, self-proclaimed Nopalista, and the Director of LATISM Phoenix. Joe offers a bit of reality and artistic flair to the conversation. "Tweet tweet little birdies..." - Recent tweet.

Project Manager at Mozilla, S.H.P.E. Region 1 Vice-President, and edu tech fan. As one of the faces behind @Latino_Startups, she offers those looking to start something fresh real-world experience in a 140 characters or less.

Entrepreneur, author, and public speaker on organizational leadership, marketing, and social technology. We can talk about his articles over at ClickZ and Forbes but the real value comes from Giovanni's affinity with the intersection of marketing and human empowerment.

We couldn't compile a list without leaving perhaps one of the most prolific and successful Latinas on Twitter...

+1 Ana Roca Castro
Ana is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), the largest organization of Latino professionals engaged in social media. She is also a serial entrepreneur, education tech developer, proud Latina, and is genuinely interested in helping others make big things happen.

These are just a few of the many dynamic Latinos and Latinas in social media. We know we left off tons of talented gente and will follow up with subsequent posts highlighting some of the best and most prolific Latino voices on Twitter and beyond!