Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7 Hyper Relevant Facts on the Hispanic Market

Back in May 2011, comScore reported that 787,000 Hispanics visited Tumblr, making up 9% of total U.S. traffic. (Tweet)

In the past 12 months, Tumblr's total U.S. traffic grew 218% while Tumblr's U.S. Hispanic traffic grew 312%. (Tweet)

Latino digital getting lots of alone time these days because of its surprising status in the digital marketing food chain. (Tweet)

Early experiments in the most promising sector of the Latino marketing world - digital - will pay off big. (Tweet)

Latinos, in the aggregate, out-index all other ethnic groups on public social networks. (Tweet)

12% of US Hispanic mobile users use social networks on their mobile vs. 10% of the general market. (Tweet)

87% of Hispanic households have multiple mobile phones... Tweet)