Friday, July 15, 2011

Excellence in Multicultural Marketing

Journey Towards Excellence in Hispanic Marketing

Teams of all shapes and sizes place an importance on quality results. From the breakroom to the boardroom, the pursuit of perfection itself is oftentimes given a backseat to seemingly more pressing matters such as additional statistics, more research, bigger charts, prettier infographics, and flashier marketing swag.

Many marketers and communication specialists are on the fringes of a vicious cycle. Have we traded innovation for familiarity or creativity for consistency?

Consider this a signpost.

Not talking smack...we're talking SMAC. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Challenging objectives.)

There's a time and place for actionable insights and refined direction. However, the pattern of normalcy across various departments, markets, and varying industries is in itself a detriment to the pursuit of excellence.

We act on certain things because of the status quo without taking the time to observe the sea of possibility.

There's an ocean of opportunity just waiting for the willing.

The pursuit of excellence is not just a goal...but rather it is the goal.

Let's break this chain and cycle of business as usual in every aspect of marketing and communications.

After all, isn't that where the real meaning and success lies?