Friday, October 22, 2010

Humanizing the Web

What's in a screen name?

Humanizing the web
Guest post by Louis Pagan of Latino Rebranded.

I remember my first live event: meeting live people...talking with live people...exchanging handshakes instead of emails or comments. It was a thrill!

When introduced with my real name, I was greeted with a confused look. On that cue, my screen name was then offered: the Latino Pundit. It was then greeted with familiarity.

Ever since that experience, I felt that people only new the mask, and not the person behind the online identity. And it was then the decision was made to make my name a brand, and not a fictitious identity to hide behind. This is the reasoning behind my Twitter handle, and my blog name albeit it has two names. I do realize that we still are not fully transparent online - even if we do use our real names - but I feel we are a little closer to humanizing the web by doing so.

So, what is in a screen name? Well, everything: how people perceive you, recognition, reputation, memorability, relatability. I'm sure I missed some.

I wonder how many people remember their first screen name, and if they still are using it solely. That would be interesting!

What's your take?