Monday, May 3, 2010

Social Mannequins

The popularity of social media has created a race for online engagement and the acquisition of social outposts. It seems as though many are rushing to create a twitter profile, sign up on facebook, join LinkedIn, and so forth.

Individuals and organizations are moving from being aware of the impact of social media to finding ways to participate and engage their audiences. However, with this new territory it seems as though many are stopping at the creation stage.

Yes they've built their online profiles and setup their accounts but some stop there thinking that's all they need. You know em' when you see them...some call them ghost accounts. How about we call them social mannequins.

They look the part and even dress the part but offer no real value aside from some visual aesthetics.

Audiences are looking for active communities and opportunities to engage and interact with eachother. Some brands and individuals need to extend beyond the social mannequin stage and offer value through authentic engagement and positive participation.

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